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 Selling your Home

Before you hire a Realtor to sell your home, there are a few questions you should ask them.

Selling Your Home-

1. How many homes have you sold in my neighborhood?
Because of our experience and reputation in the area, we have been part of nearly a thousand home sales here in Coastal Georgia! Here are just a few we’ve sold recently…

2. Wow! How many years have you been selling homes?
Randy and his team have over twenty years experience in Real Estate, and can leverage every bit of that to successfully negotiate with the buyers to get you the very best deal every time. More…

3. So… What is your plan to market my home?
Our cutting-edge marketing plan combines the power of Internet Search Engines, the latest and most popular Social Media! It simply cannot be matched by any other agents in this area! We’ll expose your home to exactly the right buyers, no matter whether they are here locally, or across the country! More…

All I need is an interview to show you why we are the very best option for getting your home sold successfully in today’s market!

Set up your appointment TODAY!


“Randy was the only Realtor to tell me the truth about my home’s value…
His direct approach saved us months of time and impressed my wife and I…
He sold the home in thirty days!”

-S. Alexander

Happy Family | Sold Home | The Randy Bocook Team




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 Buying a New Home

Buying a New Home-

As a you look for your new home,
we know you have a lot of questions…

Q: “I’m a first time buyer, what’s the most important thing I need to know?”
A: You are in charge! This is your decision to make, but we will help make it easier. More…

Q: “How do I get the best deal?”
A: By leveraging our year of professional expertise. More…

Q: “Does it cost me anything for you to be my Buyers agent?”
A: Not a penny! As a buyer, our services are absolutely free! More…

Q: “How much money do I need to buy a home?”
A: There are a lot of factors that go into determining this, and we would love to discuss them with you personally! Schedule a meeting…

Q: “I’m tired of looking at old or expired listings on the “Real Estate Websites”, what’s the cleanest platform I can use to access the same listings you have access to as a Realtor?”
A: By using the Home Search on this website, you are accessing the same database used by every licensed Realtor in the area.


Buy Your Dream Home

We want to help you buy your


Buyer Testimonial

“Randy Bocook is an excellent realtor!! He went above and beyond his job, making my home buying experience fun and exciting…
Randy had so much patience with me and he took the time to listen and help me decide what was most important to me in a home…
I love my home and the community I am a part of. I know Randy will work as hard for you as he did for me! Thank you Randy Bocook!!”
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