Meet The Team

Meet The Randy Bocook Real Estate Team

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Randy Bocook

Father, Son, Husband , Friend, Team Leader,  Real Estate Broker

For 18 years I have been working in real estate and I have never felt like I am at work.  I believe having a passion in what you do is what makes every day so rewarding.  Along the way in my real estate career I have met wonderful people, made lifelong friends and help start young families on a great path in life.  From the first email to the first   visit at my office you will know that I am here to tell you what I know and how to get you what you are looking for in a home and protect your future, the homes sell themselves.  My real estate team today is the best I have ever had because we all share the most important goal which is bringing great service to our clients.

I love living in the community I work in.  We support local businesses and give back to everyone.  I can see a client at my Children’s School, grocery store or ball  game and they know I am truly happy to see them and continue the relationship beyond the closing of their home.  Its funny I get excited when I see them on T.V. or in the  paper, I say to my wife “ Hey look that’s my client!”  Then I immediately text a picture or write them a note to let them know.

I am glad real estate was the path chosen for me and that I have worked very hard to be very good at it so that my clients fully benefit in the home buying or selling  experience.  I take pride in answering my phone and always being available.  Real estate really is a family business and I am very fortunate that my wife and kids support my  career.  It is always nice when they stop by the office or draw a picture of a real estate sign for me.  If they did not support me I know that I would not be the agent that I am  today.

I truly love this coastal community, after 18 years in this business I am still excited to see homes I have listed and sold as well as support the new neighborhoods and schools  that we have.  There is a lot to offer in this community that may not the biggest in size but it is packed with the right qualities that will make your next home here a home run!


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Ashley Buchanan

Mother, Daughter, Wife, Friend, Closing Coordinator and Buyers’ Agent with The Randy Bocook Team

Ashley Buchanan is home in Richmond Hill, Ga where she is the closing coordinator and buyer’s agent with The Randy Bocook Team. Being a military wife, mom of 2, football and cheer mom and active in the medical profession helps Ashley relate to her clients very well. Ashley is great at listening to her client’s needs and standing by them through the entire buying and selling process. “I knew real estate was for me when we decided to purchase our first home with the Randy Bocook Team which we built with Mungo Homes,” Ashley Buchanan. Ashley is as dedicated to her real estate career as she is to her family who all support her.

Being with a strong real estate team allows her to focus on her clients and provide them with a level of service that cannot be touched. Ashley continues to take training and follow her passion in real estate. Together the Randy Bocook Team has over 20 years’ experience and take pride in giving back to the community. Ashley also enjoys boating with her family and friends and attending community functions.


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James Zarycki

Husband, Friend, Lead Buyers’ Agent/Realtor with The Randy Bocook Team

James Zarycki is a buyer’s agent on The Randy Bocook Real Estate Team. He was born and raised in Ohio. Growing up in Ohio, James played sports and became an avid Cleveland’s sports fan. James also attended The University of Toledo where he was in the ROTC program. James studied marketing and professional sales with a minor in micro economics there. During college he met his wife in a student organization that they were both participated in. After College they were married and made plans to move to the South. They love the community they live in and consider everyone family at the church they are members of. When James is not working he enjoys giving his time back at church functions and working around the house. His wife is a RN, BSN at St. Josephs Candler Hospital in the mother baby department. James and his wife feel very blessed to be working in jobs that get to help bring families together during such an important times in their lives. They fully support each other’s careers.

Working as a real estate agent allows James to follow his passion of helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership. James fully believes in The American Dream and takes pride in listening to his client’s needs and staying on top of the real estate market. Most recently James worked for a local home builder where he gained expansive knowledge on the building and new homes sale process. James is very excited to return to general real estate where he can exceed his client’s needs and be able to assist them with the entire home buying process. James is a great asset to The Randy Bocook Real Estate Team where great service is top priority. He looks forward to working with many home buyers in the coming years.


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Mike Renouf

Father, Husband, Friend, Lead Buyers’ Agent with The Randy Bocook Team

Mike Renouf is an asset to The Randy Bocook Real Estate Team. Mike is a lead buyer’s agent on the team. Originally from England, the son of a Royal Air Force veteran, Mike followed in his father’s military footsteps at the age of 16 by joining the British Army where he served 23 years. Having lived the life and helped others through it, Mike has a true perspective on the difficulties military families face especially with the many U.S. military families that surround the Savannah area. Mike was brought to the states in 2004 to work at Ft. Stewart and met his wife Carolyn here.

Choosing a new profession after the military was an easy choice for Mike. He and his wife purchased a home in Pooler and Mike began real estate school. Mike is a member of the Savannah Board of Realtors and is licensed in Georgia and his wife is a paralegal for Brannen Searcy & Smith, LLP downtown.

Mike considers himself as part of a family, a lifestyle rather than a job. That attitude reflects on how Mike treats his clients, it’s not just a home that’s purchased but a whole new lifestyle that’s being bought. As modern realtors, we use all the latest technology but without forgetting that “old-fashioned” values like professionalism and morals still matter to people, a lot. During a transaction Mike feels it is as emotionally and financially important as buying or selling a home, that the person who holds your hand during the process needs to be an expert, but also genuinely cares about their client’s and their families best interest and Mike is just the agent to meet those needs for his clients. When you work with Mike and The Randy Bocook Real Estate Team you are getting a top real estate team with over 20+ years of experience and service.


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Elizabeth Crapse

Mother, Wife, Friend, Lead Buyers’ Agent with The Randy Bocook Team

Elizabeth Crapse grew up in Southeast Ga. and now resides in Guyton, Ga. She is a mom of three beautiful children, to whom she devoted all her time as a stay at home mom until 2007, at which point she decided to pursue a career in real estate. This decision was one she knew would allow the flexibility to have a career while maintaining an active role in her children’s lives. In December 2007, she became a licensed realtor and is a Buyer’s Agent for the Randy Bocook Team. She enjoys working on a team to insure her clients get the best care possible. Elizabeth is committed to her job and enjoys helping her clients finding their dream home.



 Jennifer Puhak

Mother, Wife, Friend, Realtor with The Randy Bocook Team

Jennifer Puhak considers Richmond Hill her home. That’s exactly why she’s one of the top property managers of the Randy Bocook Team. A mother of one, she keeps a healthy lifestyle through Taekwondo.

Her motherly instincts make her good at listening to her clients’ needs while her team-player attitude makes her great at relating to their needs. She makes sure to stand by all of her clients while taking them through the entire buying process. “I knew real estate was for me since I grew up with my parents in a local home building community”. Jennifer is as dedicated to her real estate career as she is to her family who all has supported her. She also enjoys activities with her family and friends and attending community functions.​ She currently manages over 130 homes but being with a strong real estate team allows her to focus on her clients and provide them with a level of service that cannot be matched.

Jennifer continues to undergo training and follow her passion in real estate. Together with the Randy Bocook Team’s over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, she takes pride in giving back to the community.